The Warsong clan is an orcish clan, formerly led by Grom Hellscream and is one of the strongest and most violent clans, the Warsong Clan was also one of the most distinguished clans.

The Stonemaul clan is an ogre clan which, after the Second War, separated in two:

  • One part sailing west to Kalimdor, which they knew because of Thrall and his Horde which settled there before, and establishing a village in Dustwallow Marsh while the
  • The other part remained in Lordaeron.

Location & AlliesEdit

Gray has a settlement in southern Eastern Kingdoms (right next to you), but any realistic hope of survival is based in Kalimdor. Your ally shall go there too, so it is in your best interest to gather all of your forces, and especially your heroes, to get as much gold as you can in the different regions and then move to Stonemaul Fortress. Your primary focus is the Stonemaul Fortress.

  • Allies:
    • Thrall's Horde - They too start relatively scattered: The Horde has a settlement in southern Eastern Kingdoms, right next to you; another one in the middle of Eastern Kingdoms, and one on central Kalimdor, north from Zul'Farrak, that can be vital.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Excellent buffs and crowd control.
    • Powerful spellcaster
    • Good against range and melee units
    • Have a variety in all his units
    • Access to lots of creep money.
  • Cons:
    • Upgrades are more expensive when compared to the Night Elves.
    • Gathering all of your forces and using all your units properly can be challenging.
    • Have some reliance on pink ,if he leaves the game or disconnects the game will tunr far harder for you


  • Headhunting Mastery


Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 295 245 None Extends the attack range of ranged Troll units by 150 and increases their attack speed by 20%.

  • Ancestral Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 240 95 None Gives your Spirit Walkers a shorter cooldown for changing between their Corporeal and Ethereal forms and improves the effectiveness of the Spirit Walkers' abilities.

  • Voodoo Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 295 260 None Increases the effectiveness of Shadow Hunters' Healing Waves and Monsoons. Cuts the mana cost of Hex in half.


  • Rexxar can go to the Stonemaul Clan and become the new Warchief (giving them the Stonemaul Soldier and Ogre Magi)
  • After 5 minutes in game, you can type -Bloodpact to get Fel Orc power to fight against the Night Elves
  • You can become full Fel Orc by typing -Full Bloodpact and get new heroes and units
  • You can get Mannoroth by killing Cenarius before you go -Full Bloodpact
  • After destroying all the buildings of the Sentinel, Druids and Frostwolf Clan, you can go to North Felwood to get aid of the Satyr and with his chieftain Xavius

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-Heroes:
    • BTNPandarenBrewmaster Chen Stormout
    • BTNGrizzlyBear Misha
    • BTNOgreMagi Draz'Zilb
  • Elite Units:
    • BTNRaider Warsong Champion (Limited 6)
  • Units:
    • BTNGrunt Warsong Grunt
    • BTNHeadHunterBerserker Troll Berserker
    • BTNDarkTroll Darkspear Warlord
    • BTNDemolisher Horde War Machine (Limited 6)
    • BTNOgreMagi Ogre Magi
    • 18px Orc Warlock
    • BTNRaider Raider
    • BTNOneHeadedOgre Stonemaul Soldier
    • BTNOrcishTransport Transport Ship
    • BTNOrcDestroyer Frigate
    • BTNJuggernaut Juggernauth
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
  • BTNMercenaryCamp Stonemaul Keep (Unbuildable)
  • BTNTower Crossroads (Unbuildable)
  • BTNStrongHold Warsong Lumber Camp (Unbuildable)


    • BTNGreatHall Great Hall
      • BTNStrongHold Stronghold
        • BTNFortress Fortress
    • BTNBarracks Barrack
    • BTNTower Watch Tower
      • BTNTower Improved Watch Tower
    • BTNSpiritLodge Spirit Lodge
    • BTNBeastiary Bestiary
    • BTNAmmoDump Goblin Laboratory
    • BTNMerchant Goblin Shop
    • BTNForge War Mill
    • BTNAltarOfStorms Altar of Storms
    • BTNTrollBurrow Orc Burrow
    • BTNGoblinShipyard Shipyard


  • Like the Night Elves, you only have one ally, but this is more than enough because the Horde is one of the most balanced factions in the game. When combined, the horde can hold its own against any faction.