Fel orc


The Fel Horde of Outland was created when Kil'jaeden the Deceiver persuaded Ner'zhul to accept demonic powers in exchange for territorial expansion and dominance over Outland. Consequently, the fel orcs slaughtered most of the Draenei and constructed two major fortresses on the planet. One was primarily a staging point for assaults on Azeroth (Hellfire Citadel), while the other served as a hub of demonic activity (Black Temple). The Burning Legion directed the Fel Horde to destroy all the human nations and the world. The Dark Portal opens to the southeastern Kingdoms, which is guarded by Arathor Kingdom. The Fel Horde of Outland has assimilated the Blackrock Orcs into their army.

Location & AlliesEdit

The forces of the Fel Horde are split between two major areas; the Dark Horde forces in the Burning Steppes, and the Fel Horde of Outland and the Blasted Lands around the Dark Portal. 

Your forces in the Burning Steppes are wedged between the forces of Ironforge and those of Stormwind. The Blackrock base is well defended by several towers and units, but is vulnerable to collaborative assault from Stormwind and Ironforge. 

You have a strong hold on Outland, and you should use your forces from Hellfire Peninsula to attack through the Dark Portal. When used in conjunction with your forces in Blackrock you can attack the Kingdom of Stormwind from north and south at once. It is vital that you connect your forces in Blackrock with those of Outland.

Outland is also home to several Dimensional Gateways that will continuously spawn demonic reinforcements for the Fel Horde.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Strong starting army
    • Great offensive capabilities
    • Access to lots of creep money
    • Initially exclusive access to Outland control points
  • Cons:
    • You can lose Magtheridon  permanently.
    • You have to fight two players simultaneously.


  • Ritual Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 150 200 Empowers the spellcasters of the Fel Horde. Gives all casters a 25% mana regeneration increase, an attack damage bonus, and a 10% attack speed increase.

  • Fel Blood Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 300 200 Increases the Health Regeneration of all units by 25%, and allows you to build a Defiled Fountain of Life.

  • Blood Frenzy Mastery
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Icon 200 200 Gives a 5% attack speed bouns to all Fel Orc units. This upgrade also increases the effectiveness of the 'Charge!' ability.


  • Destroying Stormwind and Ironforge makes Magtheridon revivable.
  • In the Throne Of Kil´jaeden you can chose from 3 tier choices:
    1. Enhanced Troll Enpowerment or Dark Magic Experimentation
    2. Demonic Reinforcements or Shattered Hand Executioners
    3. Dark Horde Reforming or Spirestone Allegiance

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-Heroes:
  • Elite Units:
    • BntFelorcblademaster Fel Orc Blademaster (Limited to 6)
    • BTNFelGuard Shattered Hand Executioner (Limited to 6, Tier choice)
  • Units:
    • BTNChaosPeon Fel Orc Peon
    • BTNChaosGrunt Fel Orc Grunt
    • BTNChaosWarlord Fel Orc Cavalry
    • BTNDemolisher Fel Orc Demolisher
    • BTNForestTroll Forest Troll Axethrower
    • BTNForestTroll Forest Troll Beserker (Tier choice)
    • BTNeredarRed Eredar Warlock
    • BTNChaosWarlock Fel Orc Warlock
    • BTNOrcWarlock Necrolyte
    • BTNOgreMagi Spirestone Ogre Magi (Tier choice)
    • BTNChaosWolfRider Fel Orc Raider
    • BTNBlackDragon Black Drake (Limited to 6)
    • BTNNetherDragon Nether Dragon (Limited to 6)
    • BTNNetherDragon Nether Drakes (Limited to 6, Tier choice)
    • BTNNetherDragon Nether Dragon Hatchling (Limited to 8, Tier choice)
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • BTNNerubianZiggurat Black Temple
    • BTNFountainOfLifeDefiled Defiled Fountain Of Life (Limited to 1, 2 by Mastery)
    • BTNFortress Hellfire Citadel
    • BTNFortress Blackrock Spire
    • BTNAltarOfStorms Throne of Kil´jaeden
    • BTNFortress Kil´sorrow Fortress
    • BTNDemonGate Dimensional Gateway (Limited to 5)
  • Buildings:
    • BTNGreatHall Great Hall
      • BTNStrongHold Stronghold
        • BTNFortress Fortress
    • BTNBarracks Barrack
    • BTNTower Watch Tower
      • BTNAdvancedRockTower Boulder Tower
        • BTNTower Improved Watch Tower
    • BTNSpiritLodge Spirit Lodge
    • BTNBeastiary Bestiary
    • BTNForge War Mill
    • BTNPigFarm Pig Farm
    • BTNAltarOfStorms Altar of Storms
    • BTNUnholyAura Hellforge
    • BTNGoblinShipyard Shipyard