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Farstriders serve has Green's elite. They are extremely useful for silencing enemy casters, thus crippling the Scourge who rely heavily on Necromancers and Banshees. They are also capable of hit-and-run attacks with Sylvanas, by running in with their elevated movement speeds and Wind Walking out of danger before they are caught. They are only trainable as long as Green remains High Elves, and any surving Farstriders that remain after Silvermoon falls lose the abilty to use Feint.

Combat StatisticsEdit

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Attack Type: Hero
  • Attack Range: 650
  • Base Armor: 2
  • Armor Type: Medium
  • Movement Speed: 240

General InformationEdit

Upgrades UsedEdit

  • Attack - Iron Forged Swords
  • Armor - Studded Leather Armor
  • Masteries - Archery Mastery
  • Abilities - Feint, Aimed Shot


Feint (Q)Edit

Type: Activated
Targeting: Self
Upgrade Required: Feint

Mana Cooldown Duration Effect
0 60 Seconds 10 Seconds Makes the Farstrider invisible for 10 seconds, and increases movement speed by 50%.


  • This requires the Feint Upgrade, researched from Silvermoon Palace for 100 Gold and 100 Wood.

Shattered Arrows (W)Edit

Type: Auto-Cast
Targeting: Enemy

Mana C. Range AoE Effect
21 600 75.00 The Farstriders shoot their arrows with great force and precision, causing their attacks to do area of effect damage.


  • Drains mana with each shot fired.

Aimed Shot (E)Edit

Type: Passive
Targeting: Enemy, Organic
Upgrade Required: Aimed Shot

Gives 15% chance to deal 2x damage with regular attacks.


  • The Aimed Shot upgrade is researched from the Blacksmith for 100 Gold and 75 Lumber.
  • Works with Shattered Arrows on. (Confirmation Needed)

Silence (E)Edit

Type: Activated
Targeting: Enemy, Organic

Mana C. Range AoE Duration Effect
75 700 150 24 Seconds Prevents all affected enemy units from casting spells.


    • 4 second duration on heroes.


Green begins the game with one Farstrider inside Silvermoon.