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In-Game introduction and a bit of lore.

Location & AlliesEdit

  • (Location)
  • Allies:
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 
  • Allies:

Pros & Cons Edit

  • Pros:
    • (Pros)
  • Cons:
    • (Cons)

Overview Edit

(text here ,Explaining everything)

Early game Edit

(text here explaning what to do in the early game units upgrades masteries to upgrade strats)

Middle and late Game Edit

(text here explaning what to do in the late ans mid game units upgrades masteries to upgrade strats)

Composition Edit

(text here explaning what to do in with your units compositions)

Control Groups

In the middle game, it is required to build casters, catapults, and even air units to defeat more players. One set up is:

  • Control Group 1:
  • Control Group 2:
  • Control Group 3:
  • Control Group 4:
  • Control Group 5:
  • Control Group 6:


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Nome 000 000 None (WHAT IT DOES)
Name 000 000 None (WHAT IT DOES)
NAME 000 000 None (what it does)


  • What will happen the that faction on certain events, if they´re good and if they can make you unally your allies.

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]Heroes
  • Demi-Heroes
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]Demi-Heroes (YES they´re important)
  • Heroes (After event)
    • [File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]
  • Elite Units:
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]
  • Special Units:(If there´s any)
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]
  • Units:
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]Units (not necessarily in order)
  • Special Buildings:(Buildings that are Unbuildable, if destroyed)
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]]
  • Buildings:
    • [[File:PICTURE YOU WANT.png|right**|18px]] Buildings (not necessarily in order)

Gallery Edit

(Photos of the map)


Notes: what´s the best one in each situation , why we should upgrade it.(from some gameplay perspectives.)