Dalaran is one of the many city-states that was once part of the Arathor Empire. Ruled by the Kirin Tor and their Council of Six, the Violet City is home for the mightiest and most powerful magicians of all mankind. Although the city is protected from any harm by the greatest enchantments human magic can cast, and armed with a vast number of wizards and sorcerers, Dalaran faces an imminent threat beyond the imagination of any of this proud citizens.

Location & AlliesEdit

Dalaran is located south from Lordaeron, on the other side of the Lordamere Lake. It is approximately halfway from both the outer seas and the inner bay right in the middle of Eastern Kingdoms.

  • Allies:
    • Lordaeron - The Capital city is just north from Dalaran; it can be reached via a route on the west, and there's a shorter road through the east, though it goes over the now abandoned Alterac ruins, claimed by the Fel Orcs.
    • Quel'thalas - The High-elven kingdom is located to the northeast of Dalaran. It is relatively far away but both of your forces should be in or around Lorderean anyway. You can meet up in Andorhal to fight the scourge.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • With sufficient skill, an army of casters can became almost unbeatable.
    • Cheap units, spammable spells.
    • Huge variety of spells to handle different situations.
    • Has incredibly strong damage-absorbing units such as Flesh Golems.
    • Except for golems and Kirin Tor, all units are relatively cheap and easily spammed and replaced.
  • Cons:
    • Does not have cheap, expendable tanks.
    • Needs a considerable amount of time and gold to reach its peak power.
    • The spellcasters you control are very vulnerable to siege units such as Mortars and Battleships.
    • It is considerably hard to manage many spell-focused units.
    • You start in a position where many different factions have bases close to your domain and need to be dealt with before they choose to attack.


  • Mastery1
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery2
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery3
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect


  • Seven minutes after the Plague has been released, you will gain control of Theramore, a small human bastion capable of giving you chance to expand in Kalimdor and can serve as a base to retreat to from the wars in Eastern Kingdoms. It lies on an island with a bridge to the mainland right next to Stonemaul Keep and beneath the Echo Isles.
  • You guard the Book of Medivh in Dalaran's dungeons. The Scourge and the Dreadlords (Red & Blue) may do anything to get the book if they chose to instead of the Sunwell and then summon the Legion that way, so you must always be prepared for the worst that can happen.
  • If the Violet Citadel falls, you will lose the ability to build Kirin Tor, Antonidas will become unrevivable, and the damage aura against Undead units that surrounds Dalaran will disappear.
  • If Silvermoon falls, a small group of Blood Elves led by Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj will appear in the dungeons of Dalaran near the book. Note that they are not under your control, but Green's.

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-Heroes
  • Units:
  • The Violet City:
    • Kirin Tor (Elite units limited to 6)
    • Workers
  • Barrack:
    • Footmen
    • Metal Golems (Limited to 12)
    • Meat Golems (Limited to 4)
  • Arcane Sanctum:
    • Priests
    • Sorceresses
    • Hydromancers
    • Chaplains
  • Shipyard:
    • Transport Ships
    • Frigates
    • Battleships (Limited to 12)
  • Buildings:
    • Violet City (Capital building; cannot be built)
    • Town Halls (Upgrades to Keep and Castle)
    • Barracks
    • Arcane Sanctums
    • Lumber Mills
    • Blacksmiths
    • Farms
    • Altar of Kings
    • Scout Towers (Upgrades to either Arcane tower or Dalaran tower)
    • Shipyards


  • Even if you have fallen, Blood Elves will spawn in Dalaran's dungeons.
  • Jaina has a one-use skill that allows for instant teleportation of her and nearby allied units; be prepared to use it for fleeing to Theramore in case things get nasty in Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Even if you still have Theramore in one piece, you must be warned that a team who's already victorious in Kalimdor will surely put a siege on Theramore. So caution is advised if you expand in Kalimdor.
  • If your Alliance is not victorious in the battle against the evil and doesn't want the book to fall into the wrong hands, you may ask one of your allies to take the book and move it to another location that your opponents will not know of.
  • The Book of Medivh increases your intellect by 6 but drops if the keeper of the book dies so caution is advised if you're dealing with a lot of Dreadlords.