The Burning Legion is the combined forces of the hordes of demons that were controlled by Sargeras, a corrupted Titan. Since his defeat, his lieutenants, Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde took command of the Legion, and are now trying to conquer the planet of Azeroth, with the aid of the Undead Scourge. You start weak, but after being summoned you will be very powerful, you, along with Red/Scourge need to destroy Purple/Lordearon, Green/Quel'thalas and Orange/Dalaran, the three human nations of the North to obtain the Book of Medivh, or with Kel'thuzad to destroy Quel'thalas, corrupt the Sun well and Summon the Legion there. You start with two heroes, Mal'Ganis and Tichondrius, and one demi-hero, Jubei'thos, although he isn't as important. If you lose Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden, you will lose control of your units as well, but will gain Balnazzar with Mal'Ganis and some undead for second chance.

Location & Allies Edit

Begins with forces inside the Twisting Nether, Drak'tharon Keep, Alterac Ruins, and Scholomance. His main ally is The Scourge (Red), and only united with him it is possible for The Burning Legion to achieve it´s main goal, to summon the two great demons Kil´jaeden and Archimonde.

Ally Income Edit

Having this ally is really good because of it´s income, after of course taking all of Northrend´s Control points Red can became one of the most rich players in-game.

Ally Position/Location Edit

The Scourge Forces will begin divided into 2 groups, the first is in Scholomance in Northern kingdoms, where together with your Blackrock forces you can either ,bolster the attack on Purple, or hold Orange.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Has some of the most powerful heroes in the game.
    • The Great Demons (Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden) can walk on water.
    • Dreadlord heroes and units are always invisible.
    • The Dreadlords are great at hero aiming.

  • Cons:
    • Needs time to reach his max power.
    • The Great Demons are slow and easy to aim because of their large size.
    • If both Great Demons die, your demon units and Dreadlord heroes will go hostile.


NOTE: This masteries are for Green/Quel´thalas ,not The burning legion Fix this when possible

Name Gold Wood Effect
Arcane Empowerment 355 150 Improves the effectiveness of the Priest's Heal and Inner Fire as well as the Sorceress's Slow and Polymorph. Improves Anasterian's intelligence by 10 and gives him two skill points.

Name Gold Wood Effect
Archery Mastery 375 270 Extends the attack range of the Farstrider by 50. Also improves the Quel'Danas Ranger's Searing Arrrows, by having it no longer cost mana and increasing its damage by 2.

Name Gold Wood Effect
Blood Infusement 340 175 Increases the health of Spell Breakers and Blood Elf Warriors by 15%, their mana by 50% and gives Blood Elf Warriors the Feedback ability. This mastery will only be useful after Silvermoon is destroyed.


  • You can kill Sapphiron, located in Northrend, just south from the Frozen Throne, to get him resurrected as a powerful demi-hero unit for the Scourge.
  • Archimonde can consume the World Tree, allowing him to summon Kil'jaeden from the Nether.
  • You can summon the Burning Legion with the Book of Medivh or with help of the Scourge by transforming Kel'Thuzad into a Lich at the Sunwell.
  • If both Archimonde and Kil'jaeden die you will lose all demon units, but will still be able to train Dreadlords, and you will gain Balnazzar and Detheroc to replace Tichondrius and Mal'ganis.

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-Heroes:
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • BTNNerubianZiggurat Drak`Tharon Keep
    • BTNBlackCitadel Legion Stronghold
    • BTNBlackDragonRoost Nether Dragon Roost
    • BTNDemonGate Demon Gate (Limited to 7)
  • Buildings:
    • BTNSacrificialPit Nether Portal
    • BTNAltarOfDarkness Chaos Temple
    • BTNZigguratUpgrade Defense Pylon
    • BTNObsidianStatue Nethrezim Summoning Spire
    • BTNUnholyAura Hellforge
    • BTNMaskOfDeath Mo-Arg Forge
    • BTNUndeadShipyard Undead Shipyard
  • Elite Units:
    • BTNHeroDreadLord Dreadlord (Limited to 6)
    • BTNDoomGuard Doomguard (Limited to 6)
  • Units:
    • BTNFelGuard Felguard
    • BTNDemoness Succubus
    • BTNFelHound Felhound (Limited)
    • BTNPurpleFelhound Felhound Stalker (Limited)
    • BNTInfernal Infernal (Limited)
    • BTNInfernalFlameCannon Infernal Flame Cannon (Limited)
    • BTNFelGuardBlue Felguard Overlord (Limited to 12)
    • BTNNetherDragon Nether Dragon
    • BTNAcolyte Shadow Priest
    • BTNNecromancer Warlock
    • BTNEredarWarlockPurple Eredar Summoner
    • BTNUndeadTransport Transport Ship
    • BTNUndeadDestroyer Frigate
    • BTNUndeadBattleShip Battleship (Limited to 12)

(After the death of both Great Demons) Edit

  • Heroes:
  • Buildings:
    • BTNNecropolis Necropolis
      • BTNHallOfTheDead Halls of the Dead
        • BTNBlackCitadel Black Citadel
    • BTNCrypt Crypt
    • BTNTempleOfTheDamned Temple of the Damned
    • BTNZigguratZiggurat
      • BTNZigguratUpgrade Spirit Tower
      • BTNFrostTower Nerubian Tower
    • BTNGraveYard Graveyard
    • BTNSlaughterHouseSlaughterhouse
    • BTNAltarOfDarkness Altar of Darkness
    • BTNBoneYard Boneyard
    • BTNTombOfRelics Tomb of Relics
    • BTNUndeadShipyard Shipyard
  • Units:
    • BTNAcolyte Acolytes
    • BTNGhoul Ghoul
    • BTNZombie Zombie
    • BTNNecromancerNecromancer
    • BTNBanshee Banshee
    • BTNShade Shade
    • BTNSkeletonArcher Skeleton Archer
    • BTNCryptFiend Crypt Fiend
    • BTNGargoyle Gargoyle
    • BTNAbomination Abomination
    • BTNObsidianStatue Obsidian Statue
    • Obisidiandestroyer Obsidian Destroyer
    • BTNMeatWagon Meat Wagon (Limited to 6)
    • BTNFrostWyrm Frost Wyrm (Limited to 4)
    • BTNUndeadTransport Transport Ship
    • BTNUndeadDestroyer Frigate
    • BTNUndeadBattleShip Battleship (Limited to 12)


  • Use your Dreadlord hero squad to kill heroes, especially when you research the Nathrezim Elite Mastery (Increase MS, Hit Points and give you the Ability Feedback that burn mana for each attack)
  • Use the help of your Dreadlords heroes when you summon Archimonde, they can assist you with his spells as scout.