This is a collaborative community website centered around Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, a Warcraft III strategy map set primarily during the events of Warcraft III. You can experience the campaign in a nonlinear fashion (as it is a sandbox game), which gives players the freedom to do what they want. The players control a variety of notable factions, races and characters from the Warcraft universe.

Azeroth Wars was first created by Augur. It was later succeeded by Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, which was created by Avrion, Railen and EagleMan, members of Clan QUAM. After a period in which EagleMan was the sole active author, he has now left the work to the guys in Clan LHoT. For comments and questions, please visit the official Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn forums at For ease of reading, the map will hereon be referred to as LR.


Gameplay is in many ways similar to the melee games of Warcraft III. The main differences are that gold is not collected from gold mines, instead, you receive income every minute, and how large your income is depends on how many Control Points you own. Upkeep is also absent from LR, so your income will not be penalized how many units you have. All units cost 1 food, with a food cap of 300.

You can Download this map on it´s a great place to get exellent Warcraft III maps.


  • Augur and Darkganon_Rper (Azeroth Wars Strategy)
  • Avrion, Railen and EagleMan (Azeroth Wars LR)
  • Thurr (ohmygoddrapefromtheskyy) and Bhaal_Spawn
  • Crusader793 (Thurr left the map got divided into many maps: Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, Azeroth Wars: Strategy Evolved ,Azeroth Wars: AE, Azeroth Wars: BL, etc...)
  • Especial thanks to : Djisa, Hannibal, Dave-Rolf, Talinn, SteakOnSpear, Rhemar


Team 1: The Forces of Evil

  • Red - The Undead Scourge.
  • Blue - The Burning Legion.

Team 2: Northern Alliance

  • Purple - Lordaeron Kingdom.
  • Orange - The Violet City of Dalaran.
  • Green - High Elves of Quel'Thalas.

Team 3: The Horde

  • Pink - Frostwolf Clan.
  • Grey - Warsong Clan.

Team 4: Night Elves

Team 5: Southern Alliance

Team 6: The Fel Horde

  • Teal - Fel & Dark Horde

The teams are allied from beginning, but you are free to ally and unally through the game.


  1. -unally (color)
  2. -ally (color)
  3. -reset
  4. -mid
  5. -far


Each faction has three masteries available for research. Some masteries are expensive, while others are relatively cheap. Some masteries have special requirements to them. Once researched, the other masteries will become unavailable for research. Masteries provide special wide-ranging bonuses, and you may only research one per game, so choose carefully which one to upgrade.

Some factions now have Tier Choices, for each faction that has it there are 3 paths to follow from 6 upgrades, chose wisely.


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Factions and the creator's text were originally taken from WoWwiki's AWlr page.

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