Flag of Stormwind


The Humans of Stormwind and Stromgarde comprise the bulk of the Arathor Kingdom. It is all that remains of the once great Arathor Empire, which covered most of the southern Eastern Kingdoms. It was a member of the Great Alliance during the second war, though relations with the other members have deteriorated since then.

Location & AlliesEdit

Stormwind is located in the south of the Eastern Kingdoms, with a portal leading to Outland at the south east area of your lands.

  • Allies:
    • Dwarves - Ironforge, the capital of the Dwarves, and his main forces, are located north east of your capital, in Khaz Modan. You should cooperate with him and try to work together at all times to overcome your enemies. Dwarves also have a small settlement inside Stormwind itself, allowing for some quick aid if needed. Further more, developing the Deeprum Tram will allow instant transport between Stormwind and Ironforge.

Pros & ConsEdit

  • Pros:
    • Starts as a strong race
    • Powerful melee units and heroes.
    • Well positioned bases and defences.
    • Decent healing and buffing capability.
    • Has the possibility to get the fastest and the strongest calvary in the game.
  • Cons:
    • Lacks a second chance.
    • Faces a stronger opponent in the beginning.
    • Cooperation with your ally will vital to be victorius against the stronger Fel Horde.
    • Can permanently lose one of his heroes, Varian, after having lost his capital of Stormwind.
    • Can also lose Thoras Trollbane permanently if he is killed before destroying the Black Temple and Hellfire Citadel.
    • Needs to fight the horde alone intill reinforcements from Stormguarde and Khaz Modan arrives and join your forces.


  • Mastery1
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery2
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect

  • Mastery3
Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect


  • Can conquer Gilneas.
  • If you destroy the Black Temple and the Hellfire Citadel, your hero Thoras Trollbane becomes revivable.
  • Once Ironforge has developed the Deeprum Tram, you can use the train on the northeast corner of Stormwind to instantly teleport to Ironforge, and viceversa.

Heroes, Units and BuildingsEdit

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-heroes
  • Units:
    • Stormwind Keep:
      • Stormwind Champions (Limited)
    • Barracks:
      • Knight
      • Axeman/Spearman (Convertible)
      • Arathor Outrider
  • Buildings:
    • Stormwind Keep (Unbuidable)
    • Town Hall (Upgrade to Keep and then to Castle)
    • Barrack
    • Arcane Sanctum
    • Farm
    • Lumbermill
    • Blacksmith
    • Altar of Kings
    • Arcane Vault
    • Scout Tower (Upgrade to Guard Tower or Cannon Tower)
    • Marketplace
    • Shipyard


  • Arathor Kingdom is loosely based on the real lore of the Warcraft universe at the time of the Third War, as the Kingdom of Azeroth (AKA Arathor Kingdom) did not played any role in the Third War, but in the Second, and in WoW's lore following the onslaught of the Undead Scourge.